Dermaheal EyeBag Solution

Dermaheal EyeBag Solution can remove the eye bags so the skin around the eyes will become brighter, fresher and tighter.

Many people develop bags under their eyes, as they age. It can make you look older than you are and can lower self-esteem. These days, there are a number of options that you can pick from to reduce the appearance of your eye bags. One of these treatments, which is drastically improving in popularity is Dermaheal EyeBag Solution, as it is deemed safe, effective and relatively painless.

Did you know that mesotherapy is an effective treatment for underneath the eyes? Another one of the most common areas of concern for many patients, the skin beneath the eyes is extremely delicate due to the fact that it is thinner here than anywhere else on the body, at approximately 0.5mm. Therefore, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging appear much sooner and in abundance if the skin around the eyes isn’t protected from sun damage and other external factors. A loss in skin elasticity can leave the area beneath the eyes looking rather hollow, with shadows casting unsightly dark circles across the area that can leave you looking tired and deflated.

Dermaheal EyeBag Solution is a mesotherapy, with a patented high technology complex of 4 biomimetic peptides, which has no analogs in aesthetic medicine.

Dermaheal EyeBag Solution improves microcirculation and stimulates drainage by reducing “bags” and swelling under the eyes and preventing lymphatic stasis. The preparation prevents the accumulation of fat and stimulates lipolysis by removing fatty patches under the eyes. The product smoothes wrinkles, makes the skin elastic, and tightens it, giving the skin a rejuvenating effect. It also has a brightening and illuminating effect.

By stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts, and activating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it has a lifting effect, tightening the skin of the periorbital zone, and smoothing wrinkles around the eyes. Improves local lymph drainage and microcirculation.

Suitable age

The procedure is suitable for 35-55 years old people.

Time duration

The procedure takes 30 minutes.

Number of procedures required

The therapy needs 4-8 procedures to be successful.

Therapy type

The procedure is carried out by injections.

Frequently asked questions

Mesotherapy is suitable for treating skin all over the body, including underneath the eyes.
The skin underneath your eyes will look healthier, brighter and rejuvenated – and it will appear tighter, too. You can see results after just one treatment, but a course of up to 3 treatments at regular intervals is recommended for best results, with a few annual top-up treatments required to maintain the outcome underneath the eyes.
Victoria Stephan provides in-depth aftercare advice after your treatment, and you can usually safely and comfortably return to your daily routine immediately post-treatment with Dermaheal EyeBag Solution. As your skin heals, the skin underneath your eyes may be bruised and tender, but this is to be expected and nothing to be concerned about. If you are concerned at any point, though, please get in contact with us and Victoria Stephan will be happy to see you.