Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution

The causes of dark circles are various: genetic predisposition, bad circulation, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, allergic reactions, smoking.

Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution is a revolutionary new concept designed to combat dark circles and signs of fatigue. Formulated with unique biomimetic peptides and other ingredients, your skin will be revitalized, brighter, and younger-looking!

Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution is an innovative mesotherapy cocktail for the skin around the eyes with unique biomimetic peptides.

The product smooths wrinkles around the eyes and prevents their formation while improving skin elasticity by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It also reduces the synthesis of melanin preventing the accumulation of excessive amounts of dye, thus preventing the formation of shadows around the eyes.

Our Core Values

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Suitable age

The procedure is suitable for 35-55 years old people.

Time duration

The procedure takes 45 minutes.

Number of procedures required

The therapy needs at least 10 procedures to be successful.

Therapy type

The procedure is carried out by injections.

Frequently asked questions

This depends on what is being treated. Multiple sessions do build up a bigger impact than a one-off treatment. We can discuss in consultation what treatment program is most suitable for you.
The procedure involves minimal recovery time. Following Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution mesotherapy treatment, you can return to work the very same day.
This depends on what you’re having treated; some patients can expect to see results after the first session, though many will be expected to attend two to three mesotherapy sessions before results are visible.
While the process can be slightly uncomfortable, the needles used in mesotherapy are extremely fine, so the procedure is a lot more comfortable than you’d think and shouldn’t be painful in any way. Victoria Stephan recognises areas that may be more sensitive and injects accordingly using precise techniques. If required, a local anaesthetic gel/cream can be applied in advance if required.