So how are we different?

We are among only 4 other clinics in all of the UK that use the LIBBE open system for our treatments. They provide you with the most comfortable, noninvasive and discreet experience you can have!

Our devices are the only ones in the UK that are equipped with the best water filtration system available! Completely purifying the water from harmful chemicals such as Limescale Chlorine, Fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes just to name a few, that are often seen in the UK water!

To further purify the water, it is also further ran through a UV filter that destroys any remaining bacteria and parasites, so that you have the cleanest and purest cleansing experience you can possibly get Anywhere in the UK!

To further maximise your comfort and relaxation through the process, we have light, gentle and natural scented air diffusers in all of our treatment rooms, as well as calm and tranquil music played during your session, so that you relax and cleanse at total inner peace. 

Colonic Hydrotherapy

We use the most advanced, private*, safe and comfortable method of Colon Hydrotherapy Worldwide. A method of using warm purified water to gently cleanse our bowels, which will support our elimination process of that which no longer serves us and help our bodies detox quickly and safely. ‍ *Our gravity fed system, allows you to prepare alone in privacy. During the majority of the therapy you will also be alone during bowel movements, with a therapist on hand if needed