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Our 4 Step Process Of Colonic Irrigation

Our 4 Step easy process ‍ 1. Upon arrival you will complete a confidential Health questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us identify suitability and your area of focus. 2. We will then show you around our clinic, identify our washroom facilities and your private treatment room. 3. In your private room, we will review your […]
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Closed Vs Open System Colonics

A short comparison of ‘Closed’ & ‘Open’ System Colonic Irrigation OPEN SYSTEM The client lies on a specially designed fiber-glass table/bed. After demonstrating to the client how to position themselves on the bed the therapist leaves the room, providing total privacy for the client whilst undressing. ‍ The client gently inserts the small ‘pencil thin’ rectal nozzle just 1 inch […]
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